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We want to ensure that everyone who works in a Trust Care Management care home works in a way which is true to our values and promotes the best possible service, our vision is to be the best!

Through our whistleblowing policy, we encourage our people to come forward if they are ever concerned about something at work. If someone uncovers instances of poor practice in our services - including issues of service user welfare, possible fraud or health and safety condition - we want to know about it so we can immediately act on it. All discussions are kept confidential and will never affect their life at work, and we encourage people to raise issues sooner rather than later.

It’s important that our people feel safe raising issues, Everyone who works for, and with, us is part of an organisation that is dedicated to promoting the best interests of the people we support.

If you’re a member of the public or a person we support and have experienced poor service from Trust Care Management we really want to know, so please contact us and tell us about it. The sooner we know about a problem the quicker we can put it right.

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