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Quality & Compliance

Trust Care Management Ltd are committed and ensure that quality, compliance and governance are at the forefront of delivery within our Organisation.
Our teams are provided with a system of quality improvement which provides guidance and effective direction for continuous internal improvement.

We have developed systems that are implemented and comply with the fundamental standards of quality and safety as determined by the CQC.
These internal systems carefully monitor and control quality information and data which in turn identifies trends and required actions to improve service delivery continuously.

Data communicated from grass roots to senior management informs detailed analysis, interpretation and triangulation of hard and soft intelligence for continuous introspection of practice and improvement.

Regular internal announced and unannounced visits to our services are conducted by the Quality and Compliance Manager. In addition, qualitative and quantitative data is obtained from provider quality visits and other quality auditing systems to ensure robust monitor of service deliver standards.

The Quality and Compliance Department have oversight of data and consults the SMT (Senior Management Team) on processes within the company to ensure compliance and quality outcomes, which inform indicators relating to the CQC’s fundamental standards and associated key lines of enquiry.

This continuous improvement strategy facilitates proactive action plans necessary to address any immediate or emergent trends and concerns.

The Quality and Compliance Manager works in close collaboration with the senior management team to ensure that all Service Users live a good quality of life, and engenders a feeling of safety.

The responsibilities of the Quality and Compliance Department include:

  • Monitoring quality compliance and governance throughout the company nationally.

  • Coordinating all governance within the Organisation.

  • Disseminating results of qualitative and quantitative data to senior management and executives of the company.

  • Planning proactively for relevant change within the company to ensure legislation compliance relating to the CQC and any relevant Acts.

  • Manage and plan change compliance relating systems policy and procedures.

  • Collaborating with the training department to ensure high standards of quality service delivery.

Ultimately, the Quality and Compliance Department promote a culture and climate as depicted within our company philosophy for the delivery of a high standard of quality care and compliance in accordance with legislation and the company’s internal national directives.

Trust Care Management Limited and its services are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) whom we work closely with to ensure our services are safe, caring, responsive, effective and well led. We provide compassionate high-quality care, underpinned by continuous quality improvement.

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