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Welcome to Trust Care Management Ltd

Trust Care Management Ltd is an independent health and social care provider established in 2007. The company provides a range of services within residential, nursing and learning disability registered homes for adults. The range of services provided are for people living with dementia, mental ill health, autistic spectrum disorders, learning disabilities, complex needs and people who may present with behaviours of concern as well as those that are frail and elderly.


We operate nationally, and are continuously expanding geographically to provide high quality services to meet people’s individual needs. We strive to create environments that people would choose to live in as an alternative lifestyle and support them to maintain and achieve their maximum potential for good health and well-being. Placements for care provision in residential and nursing homes will vary in length of time according to individual needs, progress, long-term goals and choices.

Trust Care Management Ltd adopts a holistic, comprehensive, integrated, person-centred care approach in its service delivery. We emphasise empowerment of people through support and by promoting 'Principles of Good Practice' and governance, that are incorporated into our daily care provision. We uphold service users’ rights to privacy, respect, dignity, choice, independence, fulfilment and safety. We passionately promote an approach of Positive Behaviour Support, aligned with The Restraint Reduction Networking

As a company we adhere to the fundamental standards of care and support as required by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), incorporating the 5 Key questions: Safe, Caring, Effective, Responsive and Well led within the delivery of our services to achieve outstanding outcomes. 

Our aim is to provide the best care, accommodation and job satisfaction in the social care sector to our Service Users and our employees respectively.


Residential Services

If (and when) the time arises you need to consider moving into a residential care home, we appreciate how difficult it is for people and their families to make this daunting decision.


Learning Disabilities / Mental Health

At Trust Care Management Ltd we appreciate and understand that it's a difficult decision for anybody to make when considering moving into a nursing home.



At Trust Care Management Ltd we appreciate and understand that it's a difficult decision for anybody to make when considering moving into a nursing home.

The Latest from Trust Care...

Claire's Inspirational Story


Inspired by Captain Tom, our expert by experience, Claire Brocklehurst, following in his footsteps to raise funds for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Click here to read about Claire’s story regarding her challenge to raise £1000 and how others have been using creative fundraising ideas to make a difference during the lock down…

The Heroes of Philia Lodge

Throughout the current Coronavirus pandemic, staff members across all Trust Care Facilities have gone above and beyond the normal call of duty to ensure that all our service users continue to remain safe and well cared for. Philia Lodge Rest Home based in Peterborough has recently been featured on BBC news. The outpouring of love, emotions and compassion of staff caring for service users in their final moments has captured the attention of thousands across the country and has been a real source of inspiration for many in the care sector. The images will remain etched in our memories for a very long time..  

                  Artwork by Claire Brocklehurst
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