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At Trust Care Management Ltd we appreciate and understand that it’s a difficult decision for anybody to make when considering moving into a nursing home. We understand that families and their loved ones are faced with the challenges of going through the process of making the right choice to suit individual needs and preferences. Therefore, we are committed to making every effort to ensure that this process is as stress free as possible for you.

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We endeavour to provide information about the home, and the service provision that may assist you to make an informed decision.  Furthermore, we encourage you to visit the home to meet the Manager and the staff teams, to familiarise yourself with the home. Our wish for you is that this experience will be a preventative measure to social isolation and loneliness.  

Once settled within the home, we hope you’ll become more comfortable with sharing your new space with others.

Trust Care Management Ltd promotes a Named Nurse and Key-Worker system to ensure Person-Centred Care is provided within the services.
We endeavour to facilitate the provision of a service which encompasses a ‘home away from home’ experience.

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