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Learning Disabilities / Mental Ill Health / Autistic Spectrum Disorders / Challenging Behaviours

In line with the National Policy, our model of care focusses on support and care packages developed for those people living with mild, moderate or severe learning disabilities, mental ill health, autistic spectrum disorders, complex needs and behaviours of concern.

The provision of our services is within small, aesthetically pleasing and homely 6 (Six) bedded facilities.

We are determined to ensure that the services we deliver are of a quality that people living with us and their families have every right to expect. Focussing on what we can do and not on what we can’t do!

We provide person-centred support to people which includes facing the challenges they do in social situations. We strive continuously to ensure that people live fulfilling and independent lives in their communities, as citizens, by reducing inequality and improving agreed outcomes

Our services provide accommodation, care and support for people living with moderate to severe learning disabilities, who may also present with challenging concerns and mental health needs.

Our services promote a key-worker approach to encourage, support and guide our service users in expressing their own choices, and in setting and accomplishing personal goals to develop the skills they need to live as independently as possible.

Quote from a Service User:

I enjoy living at Marlborough Lodge.  I feel safe and secure, as staff let me know about any changes in my environment due to my autism and visual impairment. Staff treat me with dignity and respect, and I am encouraged to maintain my independence in all I do.  I take part in a wide range of activities, including choir practice, I have a Piano in the house, I visit our local pubs and restaurants to enjoy meals out (and the odd tipple or two), and I like to keep fit. Staff are caring and approachable, and I feel this is my home due to the camaraderie between all of us living here, and I never want to leave“.

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